My name is Liz Brown, and I am a second grade teacher "by trade". I have been making my own jewelry for years and each time I would wear one of my pieces, people would say, "Where did you get that?! I love it!". And for years I would answer with, "Oh, thanks. I made it." After some time, I decided to broaden my horizons and began creating jewelry for my nearest and dearest. Instead of shopping around for that not-so-perfect gift for birthdays or holidays, I would custom-design a piece based upon the personality and tastes of my friends and relatives. They would then report back to me about how many compliments they received while wearing it to work, a night out, or to a more glamorous event. Eventually, I began to think I might actually be on to something! I mean, I knew I liked my jewelry, but other people did too???

It began as a pipedream really. I didn't think I knew enough about business to start up my own. And that brings me to the present (almost)... For the past umpteen years, my family and I have been traveling to Cape Cod each summer for a last hurrah before the leaves begin to fall. Long ago, we decided upon Wellfleet (a small town 35 minutes south of Provincetown) as our "home away from home". We enjoy its laid-back atmosphere and relatively non-existent touristy feel. We prefer our beaches much the same; peaceful and relaxing. Many years ago, we discovered our favorite beach in Wellfleet (in all of the Cape if you ask me!) - Duck Harbor Beach, hence the name 'Duck Harbor Design'. We return to its sandy shores protected by the dunes year after year.

This summer, as we lay there soaking up the sun (yes, we were wearing sunscreen!) my brother-in-law posed an important question. He asked, "What's our next million dollar idea?" After we had a good laugh at the fact that we couldn't have our NEXT million-dollar idea since we still hadn't had our FIRST million-dollar idea, we began to seriously consider his question. We were bouncing around some rather ridiculous ideas just to entertain ourselves, when it dawned on me- I had a talent that I was solely using for the good of me, and not for the greater good of people everywhere! That talent was making jewelry. I would never say it's a million-dollar idea, but it is definitely something I enjoy and can envision myself enjoying for years to come.

We immediately began discussing business models, and how we could launch this idea into reality (for real this time, not like the drawer pulls discussed in years past!). After much discussion and a few trips to the bead store in Hyannis, we had a plan. The core team would include my husband, Ryan, my stepsister, Jody, my brother-in-law, Mike, and myself. I am the designer and creator of all the pieces you see here, while the rest of the team keeps the technological aspect of running a business in-line, and my outrageous spending tendencies in check! Our long-term goal (REALLY long term) is to retire to the Cape and open up shop on Main St. in Wellfleet selling our designs to tourists much like our old selves who return to the small seaside town each year seeking refuge from their hectic city lives. I hope you enjoy wearing an original Duck Harbor Design as much as I have enjoyed creating it!